About Climate change

    Climate Change has the potential to derail the current growth strategies and deepen poverty. The direct impacts of extreme climate induced events could include loss of life, livelihood, assets and infrastructure. Considering the concern, Haryana has taken early initiative to formulate Climate Change Action Plan in a holistic manner. Climate Change Action Plan for the State of Haryana assumes greater significance.
    A Climate Change Cell has been set up in the Environment & Climate Change Department, Haryana . It aimsto build a greater understanding of the climate change processes, its implications on various sectors, and vulnerabilities associated with the same to enable sustainable adaptation to climate change and mitigation of drivers of climate change (greenhouse gases emitted from anthropogenic sources). Haryana being an agriculture intensive state, the focus will be mainly on agriculture and water issues. However, other related climate change issues will also be addressed to facilitate the development of a climate proofed society.
    Capacity building is considered as a critical segment for the success of mitigation and adaptation. The cell aims at enhancing the technical capacity of the concerned departments to handle the climate change impact assessment and adaptation capability, monitoring, awareness creation and financial management. Therefore, it is required to establish a well-designed knowledge networks with a well-structured framework for harmonization, interoperability, sharing and exchange of data of relevance to climate change, responses and to mainstreaming climate change in development programmes of the state.