The main objectives of the Strategic Knowledge Mission Center is to address challenges and implications of climate change with a focus on climate-sensitive and vulnerable sectors in short and long-term scenarios and to take state-specific mitigation initiatives. It has, therefore, been proposed that Climate Change Cell shall articulate and act as a functional knowledge center, catering to the information and knowledge needs of policymakers, the scientific community, and the general public on climate change issues through tailor-made outreach programmes and initiatives

    1. Creating CC Information Bank and Strengthening Knowledge Network
    2. Enhancing CC Knowledge Access & information sharing
    3. Documentation and dissemination of strategic CC knowledge.
    4. R&D initiatives in collaboration with Research Institutes and Universities.
    5. Technology identification and pilot-scale demonstration.
    6. Capacity building of various stakeholders.
    7. Development of target-specific resource material including educational multi-media CDs and video films.
    8. Integrating Climate Change concerns in the policies and programmes
    9. Monitoring and Evaluation of CC programmes implemented through various stakeholders.
    10. Review and realigning of objectives through mid-course evaluation.