Effects Of Climate Change

    The increase in global temperatures measured over recent decades, if it continues, has the potential to seriously disrupt many of the environmental, economic and urban structures upon which human society depends. Whilst it is possible that some of this warming may have a natural cause, but there is evidence that human activity is responsible for most of the measured warming.
    An increase in global temperatures can cause changes in the climate includes sea level rise, increases in extreme weather events in terms of intensity and frequency (cyclones, heat waves, droughts, floods, etc); changes in rainfall patterns; decreases in ice mass of glaciers; increase in incidence of vector-borne diseases (malaria, dengue, etc) ; increased threat to bio-diversity; changes in ocean circulation; and drying of the land.This may also include many different changes in climate as well as weather.
    When climate change is gradual, species may have time to adopt or migrate to more suitable locations. Where climate change is relatively abrupt, many organisms are unable to respond before conditions exceed their tolerance limits, whole community may be destroyed and if the climate change is widespread, many species may become extinct.
    There are already some changes happening because of global warming. Sea level is rising and some animals are already moving to new homes. It’s already too late to stop global warming completely. If the warming gets worse, as scientists expect, there may be some kinds of plants and animals that become extinct (disappear completely) because they can’t move to new homes. There may be more storms and floods. Sea level may rise so much that people have to move away from the coasts. Some areas may become too dry for farming.
    According to the Environment Ministry’s Indian Network for Climate Change Assessment (INCCA) Report 2010, climate change impacts will lead to a reduction in the winter wheat, or rabbi, crop production, lower yields from dairy cattle, a decline in fish harvests and quality changes in fruits, vegetables and even basmati rice.
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