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    Mission on Sustainable Habitat

    To promote energy efficiency as a core component of urban planning, the plan calls for: Extending the existing Energy Conservation Building Code; A greater emphasis on urban waste management and recycling, including power production from waste; Strengthening the enforcement of automotive fuel economy standards and using pricing measures to encourage the purchase of efficient vehicles; […]

    Mission for Sustaining the Himalayan Ecosystem

    The plan aims to conserve biodiversity, forest cover, and other ecological values in the Himalayan region, where glaciers that are a major source of India’s water supply are projected to recede as a result of global warming. This particular mission sets the goal to prevent melting of the Himalayan glaciers.


    Temperature is a measure of the warmth or coldness of an object or substance with reference to some standard value. The temperature of two systems is the same when the systems are in thermal equilibrium. The average temperature on Earth is about 61oF (16oC). But, temperatures vary greatly around the world depending on the time […]